Are you a programmer? Do you manage databases? Analyst? Are you responsible for systems maintenance? So are we. When we chose this professional career, nobody told us about the fine print: you spend so much time fighting fires. We probably do not need to tell you that technology is advancing at a very fast rate and, worst of all, that we need it, both in our work and to remain competitive in our professional career.

Any professional must be trained and updated to remain competitive in the labour market.

Face-to-face training? Our experience as professionals in the sector and mentors (teaching SolidQ courses) tells us that it can be difficult to choose this type of training: travel, little schedule flexibility…

When you realise that you need to update you make an effort to follow different blogs, you sign up for a free course, you look at forums, you download eBooks … How many lost hours have you invested in “pecking” through the network? Do you think they were worth it? How have you managed to lay the foundation for new knowledge?

We are short of time, that is for sure, but what if that was not the only option? The time has come to turn the tables.

At SolidQ we present our new online training platform:

  • Learn whenever you want, wherever you want.
    • You need connection to Internet, nothing else.
  • At your own pace, revising content.
    • If training is your priority, surely you can find time to dedicate at least 15 or 30 minutes a day.
    • You will have access to the course so you can revisit to watch videos whenever you need to.
  • Study the topics chosen by MVPs and experts in Microsoft technologies.
    • With all the key concepts that work in real life, practical cases, questionnaires and guided laboratories so you can consolidate everything you have learned.
    • Dedicating the essential time, because we focus our explanations on the relevant aspects of the technology and do not digress into outdated or unnecessary theoretical explanations or that will not add value.


Machine Learning Fundamentals, 50% OFF!

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Are you interested in Machine Learning? Would you like getting better insights and make predictions about your business? If you want to take advantage of this technology and get analytical prediction results, do not miss this course and learn Machine Learning with practical cases.

This course includes:

  • 6 modules with lessons and demos
  • 5 guided labs
  • 6 quizzes to test what you’ve learned
  • Certificate of completion


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