Learn from and make predictions based on data. It is all about discovering a pattern in a database and transforming it into useful information. Machine Learning is here to stay.
It helps to deliver precise and accurate outcomes because it is possible to automate and prioritize decision-making processes.

Machine Learning seemed to be a very complex solution to implement, but almost any company can use their algorithms in their business and boost  their sales and save money, time and resources. We will work together to get the necessary knowledge and provide you with the right data and the possibility of making smart decisions.

Machine Learning USA SolidQ Services

Put your data to work and deliver wider business goals.

Quicker Decisions.

Automate your data analysis. Build solutions that learn from data and form conclusions. Interpret the meaning of data with an intelligent examination.

Modern applications.

Increase your revenue or optimize processes. Modernize your existing front-end and back-end applications with infused Machine Learning.

Most mature technology around AI.

It works. We’re currently helping companies achieve their goals with Machine Learning processes.

SolidQ Framework and Experience

We have years of experience building and deploying Machine Learning models in the real world. SolidQ can help you prepare your data, model it, implement and develop your project. We don’t only ship code, we focus on a business approach that identifies patterns within data and guides our customers in their artificial intelligence transition.


Our mission is to empower our customers with solutions that help to form conclusions with imperfect data and interpret their meaning. During a 5-days lab workshop we will help you reasoning and form empiric conclusions. No black box, not only code.

5-day Azure Machine Learning Workshop

We will be working with your real data together with your own team. This will be undertaken in 5 stages:

NOTE: We are also full-service providers for Artificial Intelligence, from strategy to project delivery.

Stage 1

Exploration and identification

We explore your data sources and identify a first reachable goal, the business issues to be predicted.

Stage 2 

Analysis and diagnosis

We shall analyse the variables and check the quality of all affected business data variables, necessary to develop a model for your project.

Stage 3 


A first draft solution is implemented in a location where it can be used for making predictions. We build this proof of concept as an integration with your business process or application.

Stage 4

Result validation

We check the achieved results with your team. We analyze the different resulting factors and validate the Machine Learning model

Stage 5 

In-house training

Finally, we will train your team to learn the solution’s basic principles, the technologies used and assist them to make sure you can use and maintain your Machine Learning solution.

Microsoft AI Inner Circle

We are part of the Microsoft AI Inner Circle. This exclusive Partner Program requires mastery in AI technology solutions. This acknowledgement guarantees our services and enhanced AI product solutions utilizing Microsoft AI technologies and our ability to drive business transformation using the power of AI and data.

All AI Inner Circle Partners have technical expertise in Microsoft AI tools and a proven track record of customer success. We research, design & build AI technologies to help our customers solve real-world problems using data.

Machine Learning. Fields of application

Machine Learning can be applied to any industry, including but not limited to the examples below:

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During our 4 hour workshop you could define your ML strategic priorities with SolidQ experts. We will help you to identify your data strategy and show you different cases of use that could turn your data into value for your business.

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