Ramp-up your Business Analytics practice. Make better decisions, optimize your processes, from your Data Warehousing to report generation, and readiness for upcoming analytical projects. 

Our tested framework will help develop your platform, and our experienced team will guide you during the business process adoption.

We will work together and provide the right data and insights for your team. Harness the possibility of making smarter business decisions.

Business Analytics Consulting and Training Services USA

Gain deeper insights. Make faster decisions.

Accelerate your Business Analytics

Our Microsoft-based analytical solutions development process is supported by our own framework, guarantying our agility with tools, scripts and templates. ABA framework identifies your BI project patterns.

Engage with Power BI Reports

During a BI project, companies go the extra mile to get the right data to the right people. We are tech experts, but we also have deep business understanding; We go beyond the technical tools and hold business discussions with you to help define your analytical systems and reporting needs.

Get Ready for Predictive Analytics

Get your insights based on history, or move to predictive analytics, where multiple variables are combined into a predictive model that is capable of assessing future probabilities. We’re currently helping companies to achieve their goals with Machine Learning projects.

Get on the Right Track for your Future

Trust in a leading technology such as Power BI. Microsoft has been recognized as leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms for 12 consecutive years.

Your project’s stability and lifetime value are assured when you invest in tech leaders and BI experts.

Business Analytics Consulting and Training Services USA gartner

Speed Up your BI Project Now with ABA Framework

ABA is the framework in which SolidQ team supports the development of analytical solutions. With it, we find patterns that relate to all your projects, automate repetitive processes and identify improvements. These are both time and cost-saving. ABA Framework allows us to provide real competitive prices to our customers, and for our team to be focused on what’s more important for your business: strategy, higher-value tasks and giving you support and feedback.

Using this approach for all our Business Analytics projects makes the subsequent maintenance more manageable and efficient.

About SolidQ

We are global providers of technical consulting and training services for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence, AI and Data Management platforms. We consider extensive client communication a very important aspect of all our projects for guaranteed success. Our proven framework let us provide you with the highest quality service, at the lowest cost.

We have worked in very diverse sectors, including insurance, retail, banking, manufacturing and telemarketing. Here are some of our customer success stories:

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Start making better decisions now. Move fast and develop your business analytics strategy. Reduce your costs and benefit from the power of data-driven insights.

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