With TSQL Query Analytics, you will be able to learn from the behavior (in time) of each of your queries. You will be in charge of what happens to your system and what happens in your database.

Identify which query is complicating your day, the query that has slown down your system, and is making you crazy!

Take the time you have for tasks that are truly worthwile. Leave the tedious and repetitive tasks for our T-SQL Query Analytics & Monitoring with Power BI tool. You are welcome.

“I think it’s a great tool, very powerful. I discovered the 3 queries that were weighing the speed of my application, I have allocated little effort to repair them and my application seems to be another one”

“It allowed me to detect that migrating to SQL Server 2016 was going to be a success. Now the whole system works much faster.”

“Thanks to TSQL Query Analytics I can see what happens with my queries, without having to spend hours trying to find the one responsible for the slowness of my system.”

Optimize your database by identifying the query that is causing problems

You will have a trace of the behavior of your queries in time. You will identify what is the query that has complicated the day and what has made the whole system go slower. Take advantage of the time you have for tasks that are really worthwhile. Leave this tedious and repetitive work for the SolidQ tool, T-SQL Query Analytics. You can see, in a Power BI dashboard, all your processes and queries so that it is convenient and easy to supervise.


Save time

Identify exactly where the problem is and how to solve it

Historic evolution

This tool will let you see the behavior of your queries, saving patterns through time. With this, you will be able to prepare for future breakouts and see which queries are most likely to give future problems. You will have a chance to save your lovely database 🙂

Focus on what's important

Focus on what you have been hired for. Leave the TSQL Query Analytics “waste” the time you need for tasks that bring more value to your company. Your team will be much happier.

Save on costs

Saving time, saves money. If you think your time is valuable, start saving today!

Are you considering an upgrade/migration of your SQL Server environment? Which version is better for your system?






Will the performance of your system improve if you decide to upgrade your SQL Server's version?

SQL Server 2016 really is a drastic change for the better in terms of overall performance, proof of this is that it is the first version of SQL Server in which Microsoft actively shows that only by migrating, and thanks to the changes of the engine, there is an increase in generalized performance. But how much can affect me in my daily load if I use a datawarehouse with SQL Server 2014 and I use columnar indexes?


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What’s included in each subscription?

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