Introducing SolidQ Flex Services

From simple staff augmentation to monitoring, remediation and administration, we’ve got you covered.

Strengthen your already high-performing team.

SolidQ Flex On-Demand Service.

Fix capacity gaps or fill unexpected absences by putting one of our DBAs to work on your team. With SolidQ Flex On-Demand Services you’re in complete control while we work to help clear out back-log queues, performance issues, data migrations and bug fixes.


Outsource your entire Database Management.

SolidQ Flex Persistent Service.

Day-to-day administration can exhaust your capacity detract from critical project work and innovation. SolidQ Flex Persistent Services offers around the clock monitoring of all your SQL Server instances and experts on-call 24/7.

Help only when you need it, on your terms

SolidQ Flex On-demand Service gives your team the support they need.

You’re not the only one struggling to recruit, retain and train database experts in a global talent marketplace. Some organizations respond with hiring a third party to manage part of or the entire application environment, while others leverage external resources only to gear up for projects that are particularly resource-heavy or skill-specialized. SolidQ can be your partner for all of it. SolidQ On-Demand services gives you complete control with a unique Scope of Work and consulting hours that fit exactly the expertise you need.

Monitoring, Administration and Remediation

Focus on the work you’re passionate about and leave the persistent maintenance to us. Day-to-day administration can exhaust your capacity and distract your attention from the innovation that drives your business. SolidQ Flex Persistent Services safeguards your environment through proactive capacity planning and extends to the cloud for connection to your Azure environment

Comprehensive assessment and road mapping

With a saturated, tools-based market, you may have disparate monitoring and alerting on multiple applications and database structures. SolidQ begins with a high-level assessment of all monitoring components, incorporates benchmarks, and builds a monitoring system that makes sense for all users and each client. With the assessment of SQL Server and windows errors, performance metrics, application exceptions and auditing, our clients feel secure their monitoring is comprehensive and scales to meet their business needs.

Durable and sustainable operational ownership

Don’t just think about your infrastructure today, but plan for its sustainable growth and lifecycle durability for the future.  SolidQ enables your team to persistent through weak points and aims to build an environment that can growth through upgrades, demanding users, changing administrators, and shifting dependencies.

Experts on-call and available through hotline and help desk support

Sleep better knowing we’re always a point of escalation to help resolve issues, seven days per week, 24 hours per day. You can contact SolidQ consultants by email, phone or through the SolidQ Client Access Portal. We’ll respond to all queries and support issues promptly according to response times set out by the your service level agreement

Maintenance and monitoring that identifies cost reduction

Does your team have a maintenance strategy in-place? Or do you spend a large majority of your time trying to clear out back-logs of issues? SolidQ takes a fresh look at that strategy through comprehensive capacity planning, fragmentation handling, patching, version strategy and SQL Agent usage. Our experts help clear back-logged issues or simply re-prioritize existing ones. With SolidQ you can expect database maintenance from only the most capable mentors and consultants.

Need more convincing?

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our success is due to our new partner for database operations, SolidQ. In addition to guaranteeing that our daily operations perform optimally and without error, SolidQ also acts as a business partner that takes pride in proactively managing all areas of our database operations. SolidQ fits well with our business. It is now more the rule than the exception that new approaches and solutions start with SolidQ recommendations.

“SolidQ Flex Services givsn us peace of mind and an environment where we can create value for the business. The only  complain t I have is that I did not choose SolidQ Flex Services much earlier.”

Jens Nissum

IT Manager, Kop & Kande

In my experience, there is no better service out there for our DB infrastructure than SolidQ Flex Services. They SolidQ team is always there proactively managing any little change or alert from the systems covered and are happy to go the extra mile in order to solve any unexpected issues. Their 24/7 support, knowledge and resolution capacity are their strong points and we have never had any problems getting the right person for the job even during non-working hours. We have been very happy with SolidQ Flex Services over the past years, still are, and we are sure we will continue to be in the future.

Eduardo puchol

IT SMO Manager, GoldCar

”For the first couple of years at the company, I was always sleeping with my phone next to me in case there was an after-hours incident. With SolidQ, I know I can actually get a good night’s sleep. This interaction is very important. They learn our systems, understand our guidelines, and can act very quickly when we’re not able. The SolidQ team has learned our systems and become part of our team, we also use them to help us solve larger structural level problems and trends.”

Torben Schou

Senior DBA, e-conomic

”Working with SolidQ was a perfect collaboration. We met once a month for three months. The team gave us advice on how to migrate the software, make the necessary changes and then SolidQ performed tests at every visit. Then we simulated the migration, also involving Tiscali, our web farm. The simulation went very well, and so we set the date for the production. Overnight one weekend we migrated and optimized everything.

Luca La Cava

Project Manager, Merida