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Big Data demands a new approach on analysis


Big Data demands fast processing


Big Data demands new data storage solutions

More than 10 years ago, Google published a paper on indexing pages. Subsequently, Yahoo released Hadoop, which enables you to execute processes on different computers at the same time. By dividing up the activity between computers, you have more power without buying expensive servers. The smaller desktop computers being deployed are generally cheaper to procure and maintain. SolidQ partners with HortonWorks to offer a Hadoop implementation.

There is a lot of maintenance and many expenses involved with big data implementation. With HortonWorks, we can easily store and process big data. Data comes in all forms, so HortonWorks enables you to capture both structured data (e.g., data in .csv files) and unstructured data (e.g., the data you get from social networking systems).

SolidQ has real-world experience with big data implementations and can help you solve your big data needs today. You can trust SolidQ, as it has a proven history of putting unstructured data into a meaningful format for business success.

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