SQL Server Data Platform Modernization

Increase profitability and innovate in product and service


With the multitude of options between different vendors and platforms, you are confronted with a hard choice.

Should you stay on-premises in your own data centers, extend into a hybrid-scenario or migrate everything to the public cloud? 

With the Data Platform Modernization offering from SolidQ, we will remove this complexity enabling you to make informed decisions, based on business value and not technical jargon.


As an IT decision maker, you might feel quite frustrated when facing platform ‘end of life’ issues alongside with increasing pressures to digitize processes, and the need to increase profitability and innovate on product and service. The IT industry and the cloudification trend set you and your company under pressure to adopt to cloud based solutions.

In order to find out

✓ what is possible

✓ how to achieve it

✓ at what cost

you must know what is under the hood of the entire SQL Server data platform – a project that feels overwhelming, like opening a Pandora’s box!

Let SolidQ assess your company’s Data Platform, and modernization options matching your business requirements

Bring your Data Platform up to Date

An effective data platform modernization project factors in a combination of architecture refresh, together with SQL Server upgrades and targeted application remediation to deliver a platform that offers the optimum combination of TCO, performance and business innovation.

Consolidate your SQL workloads


Consolidate your SQL workloads; streamline operations in your own datacenters

extend your datacenter to the public cloud


Maximize utilization and lower your cost by extending your datacenter to the public cloud

the lowest cost with public cloud


Build for the future, at the lowest cost with public cloud.

Factors driving SQL modernization projects

The goal of any modernization project delivered by SolidQ is to create balance between price and what is being produced.


Reduction in the span of 40-60% of total cost is the current baseline. Reduction in cost is primary achieved through optimization of licenses, and sku’s. Modernization of infrastructure and automation of tasks are a foundation to achieve these high numbers.


Better use of people through automation and PaaS.  Higher utilization of IT through isolation in combination of high density.

Business needs

From weeks to provision new VM/SQL Instance/databases to minutes using self-service portal and cloud.


Compliance covers many things, but in regards to data platform modernization focus is on SQL Server licensing. Complications happens when you are under licensed or when the licensed versions of SQL Server are close to or have passed date of end-of-support. Other aspects of compliance are about operating SQL Server efficiently and staying secure.


Knowing what you have and how it is being used is key to enable the business to make informed decisions.

Plan your digital transformation

How SolidQ delivers modernization projects, the four cornerstones, and deliverables.

SolidQ data platform modernization projects

Customer Stories

Bang & Olufsen: Successful Data Platform Modernization Project

Bang & Olufsen used SolidQ’s comprehensive knowledge within the field of SQL Server environments to be sure to make cost-effective IT investments, to set the right demands to their hosting partner and to be sure that they could meet them.

Having to find the answers ourselves would be very difficult and time-consuming. So, when Crayon, our advisors within the field of licensing recommended SolidQ to map this for us, we were happy.

Jørgen Stig Jensen

Technical Business Architect, Bang & Olufsen

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