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SolidQ Flex Services

Discover SolidQ Flex and how you can make sure that your systems work properly. We can help you to improve, stabilise and properly manage your servers and put yourself in control 24/7/365. You decide our level of involvement with your team so that your systems work properly.

Proactive support.

We manage incidents and the continuous optimisation of your infrastructure. The intelligent system that we have developed provides us with information about different Azure metrics and any SQL element.

As well as receiving alerts and notifications, our team personally reviews your systems and will contact you whenever your intervention may be required. We do not only resolve your incidents, but we also optimise your systems proactively so they will not happen again.

Detailed information.

Get real-time information from control panels and at regular meetings with our team. We have created exclusive PowerBI panels, Reporting Services reports and tickets and monitoring systems so that you can obtain information at any time.

At the regular meetings, we provide details of all the activities we have undertaken. To provide you with a clear and concise perspective of what has been done is fundamental for discussing the improvements we would like to make to your system.

Backed up by experts.

We resolve your problems immediately according to your preferred service model (8x5 o 24x7). Our working method is based on the ITIL standard so you can relax: there is no improvisation in our processes.

We contact you whenever required according to the seriousness of any incidents that may arise. All communication mechanisms are agreed and approved during the incubation period, when simulations are carried out in order to clarify the operating protocol for each party.

Meet the SolidQ Flex Team

We are a team exclusively dedicated to developing and optimising SQL Server processes, used to working in multicultural environments. We have clients in seven countries, from very diverse sectors, which allows us to enrich our clients with our technical experience while, at the same time, enjoying and getting to know different cultures and values.

We currently operate in USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Costa Rica. And, beyond the enriching experience, this what allows us to guarantee empathy and success in the communication processes over the course of our projects. In 98% of cases, these are sustained over time.

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Continous monitoring.

Our system and team of experts will not lose track of what is happening in your infrastructure.

Proactive support.

We personally review each alert, resolve it and suggest improvements (and, if you approve them, implement them) to optimise your systems.

Guaranteed control 24/7/365.

You have access to the control panels at any time and you can contact us whenever you need to, according to the service plan contracted.

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SolidQ Flex Services Team.

Do you have any doubts? Ask us! If you meet the requirements, we recommend that you try it for free and without compromise for 30 days, so that you can see for yourself whether it is the solution you need.

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