SolidQ’s new Quickstart program uses Pyramid Analytics to help clients understand Self Service BI (SSBI) and the fundamental processes in data consolidation, data warehousing, model creation, and dashboard building. This two-week engagement combines both mentorship and consulting to facilitate real-world business Analytics while onboarding an organization to the Pyramid Analytics platform.

It’s an offering uniquely crafted in collaboration with both Pyramid Analytics and SolidQ technical teams, “We were excited to build the Quickstart program with Pyramid Analytics,” says Douglas McDowell, CEO of SolidQ North America.  “Helping organizations better understand Self Service BI is something we’re passionate about here at SolidQ.”

Pyramid Analytics announced late last month a strategic partnership with Microsoft, consisting of development collaboration and technology integration. They have become the exclusive platform for clients to give Power BI Desktop users the ability to publish files to an on-premises or private cloud server for broad collaboration on BI content.

Pyramid Analytic’s BI Office connects directly to the PowerBI Desktop application and provides an alternate solution to the cloud-based solution native to PowerBI. “Through BI Office, users can create on-premise solutions controlled by the client,” says Patrick Dubois, SolidQ Mentor and Consultant. “This means users can setup an environment that complies with any rules and regulations necessary to keep their organizations within compliance. It’s exciting for our clients to have that option.”

If you want to learn more about Pyramid Analytics and Power BI integration, view the blog post; Or for more information on the Pyramid Analytics Quickstart program, contact us.