SolidQ Power BI Free Webinar Series


Microsoft continues to add to the data science options on Azure.

We are proud to present the SolidQ Power BI Free Webinar Series, which provides an overview of the major technologies supported, with the goal of making wise architectural decisions for teams or organizations.

Power BI introduced us to the world of easy-to-build reports and dashboards that are interactive and powerful. We will cover how to build reports quickly and easily with Power BI Desktop and how to share that report with others in the Power BI Service.

Past Events

Webinar | Building My First Report in Power BI (1 of 4)

power bi webinar series

In this first session, we will walk through importing basic data from a spreadsheet into a report and quickly building visualizations with that data.

Webinar | Using Power Query to Clean Your Data (2 of 4)

power bi webinar series
In this second session, we will build upon our previous work to clean and enhance our data using Power Query transformations.

Webinar | Visualize Your Data with Power BI (3 of 4)

power bi webinar series
In this third session, we will review several different Power BI visualizations and discuss what visualization works best for specific situations.

Webinar | Sharing and Collaboration with Power BI (4 of 4)

power bi webinar series
In our fourth and final session, we will publish our report to the Power BI Service, allowing us to create a dashboard and share our work with others. Additionally, we will see how easy it is to create a brand new report in the Power BI Service from the data in our existing report.

Webinar | Unlocking New Visualizations and Features in Power BI

power bi webinar series
New visualizations and features can be created in a number of ways including layering visuals, customizing visual formatting, and/or utilizing DAX measures.

The session will include a series of visualization and reporting techniques that you’ll be able to leverage in your company’s reports to take them to the next level.

Webinar | Welcome to DAX

power bi webinar series
In this session, we’ll navigate the basics of DAX to understand best practices around syntax and usage. Along the way, we will discover the intricacies of how row, query, and filter context affect output in a DAX expression and how we can manipulate that context to get the results we need.

Webinar | AI, ML and Power BI

power bi webinar series
In this session, we will review the AI and ML capabilities built into the Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service.

From Data Visualizations to Data Preparation and Data Modeling, we will discuss the various ways that AI and ML can be easily implemented in your reporting.

Webinar | Building a Stronger Foundation: Performance, Optimization, and Intelligent Error Handling in Power Query

power bi webinar series

There are two cornerstones to building optimized and low maintenance queries in Power BI.

The first is making sure queries have been designed to refresh at optimal speeds.

The other important cornerstone is intelligently identifying and handling errors as they occur during scheduled refreshes.