Power BI Audit

How is Power BI being used? Are subscriptions profitable?

Power BI Audit 

Many companies (increasingly) invest in BI projects and licenses for their users, but once the project is up and running … Are reports being consumed as expected? Is the project and the Power BI subscriptions profitable?

SolidQ has developed a solution to provide updated information on the use of reports and dashboards within your organization. Power BI provides metrics on individual reports and user activity, but fails to provide an overview of all platform usage and license usage.

Do you want to know if you can save costs in Power BI licensing? Do you want to obtain information on how, who, when and from where reports are being accessed? Do you want to know which reports are most consulted, in order to continue optimizing them? Power BI Audit can help you achieve this.

Power BI for Power BI

Power BI Audit is a solution developed by SolidQ that provides a complete dashboard with a comprehensive analysis of the use given to your reports: who, when, where from and what is being accessed.

Save on licensing and optimize your reports 

Check if and how your subscriptions are being used. Identify which reports are visited the most, activity peaks, information access points and learn from your users.

How does it work?

From Office 365 Audit logs and Powershell, a database is generated, it collects the information of the activity in an incremental way of a defined timeframe. It then connects to Power BI and… welcome insights!

What info is available in Power Audit?

It collects a comprehensive analysis of the use of your datasets, dashboards and reports, and a trace of who accesses possible sensitive information to ensure GDPR compliance. Based on the database generated through Powershell, the report is updated with the following information divided by tabs:


You will see generalized information about the operations that users have performed

Power BI audit operations
  • Identifies the total number of operations carried out, what activity each user has carried out and the items of each activity.
  • Filters by date range or user to delimit report data
  • Identifies the users who have performed the most operations
  • Checks the days of the busiest interval and the total number of operations in that period of time


Keep navigating to the Activitities tab to obtain specific information about user activities. Identify:

Power BI audit activities
  • The total number of Datasets used and information about their use, filtering by date and user if you need it
  • The total number of users who have carried out each activity
  • The origin of the activities carried out (internal or external to the company)
  • The type of access for each activity: if its origin is from Public or Private IP


Obtain an exhaustive analysis of the activities that are carried out filtered by time slots.

Power BI audit activity hour
  • Filter by date, user and type of operation you want to analyze, on the radar graph, to see when they took place
  • Identifies the hours dedicated to each operation and the total hours dedicated overall


Por último, obtén una comparativa detallada de las operaciones realizadas respecto a las del año anterior.

Power BI audit comparatives
  • Checks the total number of operations carried out each year
  • Consult the total number of hours dedicated by each user to a specific activity
  • Identifies the total number of activities carried out each month and compares them with respect to the previous year

More features

Finally, it compares in detail the operations carried out with respect to those of the previous year.

✓ No time limit for data. Adapt and preserve as much historical data as you need.

✓ Interactive reports. With Power BI Audit you will have easy and friendly navigation.

✓ Possibility of incorporating your own or external data sources to complete the Audit Logs information

✓ In addition to providing the tool, we can adapt it to other specific needs. Ask us without obligation!

Special offer:

Now from 4.995€* per year!

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Now you can evaluate in depth the use of your Dashboards and Reports thanks to Power BI Audit, and ensure the effectiveness of your Business Intelligence project. Bring your Power BI and Azure licenses and benefit from the promotion.

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