Data Management (SQL Server)

The demands placed on your data management infrastructure will continue to increase. These systems have to be able to adapt to a growing and changing business.

Beyond the standards

The Solution Architecture and Scalability service gives our clients the certainty that their solutions will meet their standards for performance, scalability and extensibility. If the client does not have fully defined standards for its solution, we can assist in defining them.

SQL Server updates (evaluation, planning and migration)

We can assist with the roadmap for defining a migration plan (times, scopes and conflict detection) and with the migration itself.

SQL Server consolidations (evaluation and planning)

We can evaluate the consolidation opportunities, determine their expected benefits and required resources, and make a recommendation as to the budget for implementing them. Both physical and virtual environments are considered.

Application architecture (design evaluation)

We can start from zero or take existing architectures into account, recommending optimal architectures and good practices.

Hardware expansion evaluation

We measure twice and cut once. In other words, we make sure that the hardware you are planning to buy is neither more nor less than is needed for your applications to perform optimally.

SQL Server Customer Success Stories