Optimises its performance by consolidating all their data into a hybrid Pyramid Analytics and Power BI based online platform

“From defining our requirements to the development stages and the validation, the entire project cycle complexity was so high and demanded so much dedication that it was not possible to do so internally. And that is why we decided to engage SolidQ’s experience”

Alberto Lopez

IT BI Manager, Sellbytel


Country or Region: Spain

Sector: Business Outsourcing



SELLBYTEL GROUP is one of the leading worldwide experts in the business process outsourcing industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, SELLBYTEL Spain offers modern customer management in 28 languages. In addition to this, they provide a wide range of customer solutions in fields such as sales, services, support, human resources, training, medical assistance and back office for sectors such as IT, consumer electronics, telecoms, fast-moving consumer goods, energy, automobile, financial, logistics and brand area.

Organization profile

SELLBYTEL GROUP is a leading worldwide outsourced services provider. With branches in 60 different cities worldwide, they offer a wide and varied range of solutions.  In addition to this, they promote innovation and support their international customers in areas such as sales, services, support, human resources, training, health and back office.

Previous situation and goals

SELLBYTEL has been implementing Microsoft powered BI projects internally for several years. However, they felt the need to optimise and automate the data acquisition and reporting functions in its oldest business units.

Project requirements:

  • Promoting a comprehensive platform to centralise all data from all systems used by the business unit
  • Providing online access to external company staff in order to check data on a “near real time” basis
  • Automating as many reporting tasks as possible (currently done manually).
  • Ensuring data reliability
  • Providing an analytical, integrated system for all unit sport centres directors
  • Support and maintenance
  • Managing data access security

Their solution was dealt with in the following manner:

  • A consolidation system for their different data sources
  • Creation of a multidimensional model to cover the business units data exploitation.
  • Pyramid Analytics and Power BI analysis reports for specific company users and Excel spreadsheets for advanced users.
  • Using communication tools such as Trello or O365 in order to simplify the monitoring of tasks, as well as the control in the definition of requirements and documentation
  • Managing platform user access, establishing security rules
  • Incident resolution

    A solution consisting of SSIS + SSAS was deployed to deal with and process information on an hourly basis in only 15 minutes. They also deployed their viewing solution into a hybrid Pyramid Analytics and Power BI powered online platform


Since the implementation of the hybrid web platform the two main advantages we have obtained were:

  • Data governance
  • Fast access to data and fast decision making, with the ability to obtain updated information on an hourly basis without requiring any extra work
  • Time savings as opposed to manual work thanks to automation

Customized solutions


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