SANTILLANA optimises its business analysis with Microsoft SSAS and Power BI


Country or Region: Spain

Sector: Education



Santillana is an educational company focusing on different areas, from infant school texts to R&D projects, including the development of digital learning tools and other social issues. Due to the large amount of variables involved, there was a need to create a unified system to analyse the business as a whole.

Although a dynamic group that aims to be self sufficient in regards to business intelligence, Santillana has on this occasion engaged SolidQ services in order to obtained the required knowledge to exploit the core of their own analytical BI system.

By implementing their new solution, Santillana has now obtained a platform with centralised and consolidated business data and user management, as well as different analytical reports. These analytical reports are evolving, with the addition of new analysis requirements arising from their use.

Previous situation and goals

Santillana was lacking an analytical system that provided the assistance needed for data analysis and review. Due to the importance of security in this model, we have created an automated data authorisation system for those individuals who use the data. Currently, this information is obtained from a series of Microsoft SQL Server data bases which provides support to the analytical tier via several data transformations and enrichment.

Project requirements:

  • Providing a unified platform in order to centralise the data
  • Providing reports for the rest of business users
  • Providing an analytical system for all branch directors, managers and delegates
  • Evolution, support and maintenance
  • Managing data access security

Their solution was dealt with in two stages. Phase one:

  • Data source enrichment system
  • Exploiting company data
  • Creating of a multidimensional model to cover the users data exploitation
  • Power BI based analysis reports to analyse and review the data for the rest of company users
  • Using communication tools such as Planner or O365 in order to simplify the monitoring of tasks, as well as the control in the definition of requirements and documentation

There will be a second phase for this project, which will focus on system maintenance as well as its evolution:

  • New requirements arise to exploit the new data included in the Data Warehouse
  • New requirements by users to include new indicators in the Power BI reports
  • Maintenance and evolution of the platform user access management, establishing security rules
  • Incident resolution

A solution consisting of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services was deployed to deal with and process information on a daily basis in approximately an hour. It can also carry out maintenance and review of the Power BI preview as and when required.


This platform simplifies the consolidation and centralisation of the company’s data into a single, corporate analytical system.

It provides users with a PowerBI based solution that extracts data from the Cube in order to analyse and enable users to create better reports for the rest of the company, providing support for the decision making and business monitoring process.

Customized solutions


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