Grupo Purdy Motor

Improves its analytical processes thanks to the action of Azure and the collaboration with SolidQ


Country or Region: Costa Rica

Sector: Automotive


Purdy Motor is a company dedicated to automotive distribution mainly of the Toyota Group (Toyota, Lexus and Hino) in Costa Rica.

The commitment of Protection and Support for all life has made the Purdy Motor Group the leading company in the Costa Rican automotive market. Due to the large number of variables it handles, the need arises to create a unified system for business analysis.

Purdy Motor used manually created reports, while now trying to be self-sufficient in terms of business intelligence. In this sense, he has opted for SolidQ services in order to obtain the necessary knowledge to exploit the core of his BI analytical system.

With the implementation of the Purdy Motor solution, it has a platform with business information and management of appointments, sales, after sales, spare parts, costs and budgets; centralized and consolidated, as well as different analytical reports. The analytical reports are evolving adding new needs of analysis derived from the use of the same ones.

Current situation

Purdy Motor wanted to improve its analytical system, since it had very manual and inefficient processes when it came to extracting reports in time and time to offer help, both for the analysis of its information and for its visualization. Currently the information is obtained from a database system of Oracle, SalesForce and others of SQL Server, which through transformations and data enrichment serves as a support to generate the information that is required for the company.

The requirements of the project are:

  • Provide a unified platform for the centralization of information from information sources
  • Provide an analytical system and reports for business users
  • Evolution, support and maintenance

The solution was addressed in two phases. First phase:

  • Data source enrichment system
  • Analysis of the company information of its reports in Tableau, Excel and Crystal Reports for later requirements in the analytical system
  • Creation of a tabular model that covers the exploitation of information of Users
  • Analysis reports in Power BI for the analysis and review of information for the rest of the company’s users
  • Use of communication channels such as Office365 or Trello to facilitate the tracking of tasks as well as the control of taking requirements and documentation
  • Troubleshooting

There is a second phase of the project, in which all the information was uploaded to Azure PaaS (Platform as a service).

The deployment of the solution consists of an SSIS solution executed by Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL Server Analysis Services that processes the information daily in little more than an hour between the two components. Maintenance and revision are also performed in the required cases of the visualization in Power BI.


The platform has facilitated the consolidation and centralization of the company’s information into a single corporate analytical system.

Users have been provided with a solution based on Power BI that extracts information from the cube to perform analyzes and to better report to the rest of the company, giving support to decision making and business monitoring, as well as:

  • Data governance
  • Rapidity when creating reports to analyze the data and make decisions in real time
  • Savings of working hours thanks to automation

Customized solutions


The SolidQ team can adapt each solution to fit your company. Would you like to take a leap and transform your business? Get in touch with us and we’ll see how to help you 🙂