Bang & Olufsen: Successful Data Platform Modernization Project

Bang & Olufsen used SolidQ’s comprehensive knowledge within the field of SQL Server environments to be sure to make cost-effective IT investments, to set the right demands to their hosting partner and to be sure that they could meet them.
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Consumer Electronics

Data Platform Modernization

In the spring 2017 Bang & Olufsen, world-known Danish manufacturer of exclusive and innovative high-tech products, were to re-negotiate their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Prior to that, important questions had to be clarified.
Organization profile
Bang & Olufsen – Technological excellence and emotional appeal.

The world-known Danish company Bang & Olufsen develops iconic, innovative audio and video products for consumers and for more than 90 years the brand has been globally renowned for its design, acoustics, and craftsmanship.

Previous Situation
→ Bang & Olufsen wanted to upgrade their SQL Server installation, but wanted to investigate whether they could get the functionality the company’s BI team had been asking for within the limits of their Software Insurance agreement.

→ They wished to look at the company’s hardware and its SQL Server installation to see how it could be optimized to perform better together. This was especially important to know as the cost of Microsoft’s new license model is depending on the number of cores.

→ Having its SQL Server installation hosted by a hosting partner, Bang & Olufsen were eager to bring their hosting partner into the project from the start, to clarify the possible solutions and secure that the solutions was within the supplier’s delivery range.

Making inventory
“Over a period of a month, SolidQ used online capture tools to map the workload, performance and hardware specifications of all our SQL servers, to get a baseline of our SQL usage,” says Jørgen Stig Jensen.
Based on the collected data, SolidQ performed a thorough inventory, now able to see the entire resource consumption connected to Bang & Olufsen’s SQL Server environment, collecting all data in a report, making specific recommendations.

Workshop with important stakeholders
Based on the report, SolidQ, Bang & Olufsen together with consultants from Crayon and Bang & Olufsen’s hosting partner had a workshop, going through all data to look at how to consolidate and modernize the SQL Server environment.
“SolidQ’s report and our joint workshop resulted in a plan for hardware investments, for new SQL Servers and for consolidating our environment. Also, the workshop gave valuable knowledge to our hosting partner, who was given all relevant information and could make sure that SolidQ’s recommendations were possible to realize within our current contract with them,” says Jørgen Stig Jensen.
Among other things SolidQ’s report showed that Bang & Olufsen could in fact improve their environment within their current license agreement: “This was very valuable knowledge,” states Jørgen Stig Jensen.

Benefits to harvest
Also, the workshop resulted in a plan to consolidate the SQL Server environment.
“We were planning to set the plan in motion H2 2017. But as the corporation were establishing a brand-new Innovation Lab, the IT department had to support this process and postpone our own consolidation process to spring 2018”.
“Once we launch the plan we are looking at newer versions of SQL Server, new functionality, a consolidated and stream-lined SQL Server environment while at the same time we will save money, because we do not need to invest in new licenses!” says Jørgen Stig Jensen, Technical Business Architect at Bang & Olufsen.


“Having to find the answers ourselves would be very difficult and time-consuming. So, when Crayon, our advisors within the field of licensing recommended SolidQ to map this for us, we were happy.”

Jørgen Stig Jensen,
Technical Business Architect at Bang & Olufsen.