Land-to-cloud Axesor with SSAS Tabular as Service + Power BI


Country or Region: Spain

Sector: Credit rating


Among Axesor’s main goals are:

  • Enabling companies to have access to new financing sources through the supply of European wide ratings
  • Maximising company savings by reducing their defaults and average payment periods, thereby optimising their resources and management times in order to achieve an advanced commercial credit risk management
  • Improving companies’ Marketing and Expansion Plans via an exhaustive analysis of their environment and competitors, as well as improving their knowledge of customers

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, Axesor requires a solid, centralised, reliable and secure data infrastructure with high availability for the different regional areas where their business units are based.

Current situation

Axesor intend to improve their analytical system from a data quality and display point of view by centralising and consolidating different sources from APIS, CRM Online, different relational databases, to name a few, in order to offer an analytical solution with high availability for its different business units.

Project requirements:

  • Providing a unified platform in order to centralise the data
  • Cross platform accessibility and portability
  • High data availability
  • Managing data access security
  • Fast, simple reports

Their solution was dealt with by dividing the different project stages between the different business units and creating iterations in order to meet their individual needs.

Below are the steps followed for each business unit:

  • Data consolidation and source enrichment system
  • Mining company data
  • Creation of performance focused ETL processes in order to offer high availability during data refresh.
  • Creation of a tabular model for each business unit
  • Creation of security roles
  • Power BI based analysis reports for data analysis


`This system has allowed us to consolidate data from all countries and different systems in order to provide a global, accurate overview of the company’s situation.´Miguel Ángel Montes. Responsable de Business Intelligence en Axesor


This platform simplifies the consolidation and centralisation of data into an analytical system that is updated on an hourly basis and available to the entire company.

Power BI data mining has been welcomed by the different departments and has provided a lot of support to the decision making process and business monitoring.

We have managed to centralise our corporate reporting between the different business units, thereby reducing the administrative staff’s efforts and duties.” Miguel Ángel Montes. Responsable de Business Intelligence en Axesor

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