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5 day ASSESSMENT in order to assess your migration

Cloud services are the future for every business. Not only you can benefit from cost savings, faster product launches and stability, but it will also provide further security and peace of mind for your IT equipment.

An affordable, customised cloud migration assessment for your business provided by SolidQ and Microsoft.

We analyse your IT resources and applications helping you find out whether your IT equipment is compatible with the cloud, including a work plan to move part of your business to the cloud.

After only 5 days, we will analyse your business workloads so that you can decide which modifications are needed within your system’s infrastructure, costs, time frames and, mainly, whether the migration is feasible.

A 5 day assessment which will be completed while working with your own team. This will be undertaken in 3 stages:

STAGE 1: Identify your components

STAGE 2: Analysis of complexity

STAGE 3: Migration assessment

OUR PROPOSAL: 5 day Azure migration assessment

STAGE 1. Identify your components

We will speak to your IT staff in order to identify your system’s different components that may be subject to cloud migration. This is compiled into a list of IT infrastructures and applications (workloads) while their performance and cost levels are analysed separately.


STAGE 2. Analysis of complexity

We will analyse the complexity for a potential migration and the key infrastructure design features, in order to adapt it to Azure’s cloud process model.

STAGE 3. Migration assessment

A report is then prepared to include our assessment in regards to the migration, a standard project plan (adjusted to your own needs) as well as the costs (including launch, migration and Azure subscription), time frames and our opinion regarding its feasibility.

Once the assessment is completed, you will have a clearer view to decide whether moving to the cloud is beneficial for your business.

“Due to the ever increasing amount of devices available to us, their differences, the large amount of data they produce and the need to process all this information in a reasonable time frame, we decided to use streaming technologies. Among the main advantages we have obtained since applying Microsoft Azure, we can highlight a significant reduction in our developments time to value, an exhaustive control of expenditure thanks to the pay per use method, resulting in smaller bills during low usage periods and, of course, the main benefit was a notable decrease in time frames when notifying our customers regarding an event that has taken place

Javier Benjumea

Do you need even more reasons to migrate to Microsoft Azure? Then look at the following 5 points:

Cost savings Pay per use

If your database is hosted in Azure, you can use scale out resources for the required period only. Wouldn’t it be good to use the “server room” for other purposes? Time to optimise your hardware.

Protect your data

Azure is the only supplier compliant with the new ISO27018 international cloud privacy standard.

Further peace of mind. Guaranteed SLA

Receive an alert every time your server is affected by any alteration. If you move your instances to Azure, you can rest assured knowing that if one server is down, another server will be up and running. All data is replicated to at least 3 physical locations.

Energy savings

Without the need for servers, you can make savings in staff to manage the DPC, security protocols, devices required to maintain the room at the right temperature, etc.

You will be able to scale out according to
your own needs. Full flexibility

Obtain the power that you need from your server according to your requirements without the need for additional hardware.

Clients who have undergone our assessment before migrating to Azure


When considering a SQL Server migration, we must first define the most adequate approach, which shall be based upon the following factors: system availability requirements, infrastructure subject to migration and potential human resources to carry out the project.

SolidQ has over 15 years’ experience in migrations to new SQL Server versions. Our track record provides us with the confidence required to help our customers during their migration with the required guarantees for such a significant project.

Migrations can only be successful if all people involved work together towards the same goal.

Therefore, we will work jointly with your team in order to define the most adequate approach based on the following factors:

On the basis of the above factors, and after several meetings with your team, we will define the most adequate approach for your business. At that point, we will provide you with the following information:

System availability requirements

Infrastructure on which the migration is to be carried out

Potential human resources for the project

Human resources required for the migration

Financial cost of the project

Migration road map

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