Data management systems must evolve and adapt over time. So how do you ensure that your business-critical information systems will continue to support ongoing business operations?

Sustainability is an index of the design, performance, scalability, availability and security of your data management infrastructure. It enables you to proactively address the features, processes and practices that impede your changing business. SolidQ can help you develop a strategic approach to sustainability that takes into account both the current and future requirements of your data management systems.

SQL Server Upgrade and Cloud Strategies

SolidQ has over 16 years’ experience with migrations to new versions of SQL Server. This experience gives us the confidence that our clients can tackle migration projects with the certainty required for projects of this magnitude. Migrations can only be successful if everyone involved is working with the same goal in mind.

Project Recovery – Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

Your Microsoft SQL Server databases and all the data they contain are core to your business success. If a SQL Server instance fails, it means business downtime, customer complaints, lost productivity, financial ramifications and more. SolidQ can help you during this stressful time.

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Tweaking your database and workload for optimization will not only enhance the performance of your data management systems but it can also drive down costs. Our tools and expertise pick up where the standard performance and monitoring tools leave off.

High Availability, Disaster Recovery & Virtualization

Business stops when mission-critical data becomes unavailable. A proactive approach to data availability and disaster recovery will ensure that this does not happen to you. Data unavailability has historically been associated with problems in SQL Server.

SolidQ Flex Services

SolidQ supplies the most comprehensive and flexible operational services on Microsoft SQL Server on the market. With SolidQ Flex Services, we constantly monitor your SQL environment, optimize the operation and continuously correct errors and deficiencies, cost-effectively.

With 100% focus on SQL Server, the Flex Service typically saves enterprises 30-50% of the cost compared to in-house operation or external hosting supplier.

Assessment (HealthCheck)

SolidQ Health Check 2.0 for SQL Server is the SolidQ service that makes a precise and detailed analysis and diagnosis of the status of your SQL Server; the service is available for all SQL Server versions.

Security and Compliance

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized data access or are unknowingly mishandling data. Security and compliance mandates can place very complex requirements on your data management platform.

Solution Architecture & Scalability

The Solution Architecture and Scalability service gives our clients the certainty that their solutions will meet their standards for performance, scalability and extensibility. If the client does not have fully defined standards for its solution, we can assist in defining them.

SolidQ can help you develop a strategic approach to sustainability that takes into account both the current and future requirements of your data management systems.