T-SQL Fundamentals Third Edition

Language: English

Author: Itzik Ben-Gan

Gain a solid understanding of T-SQL-and write better queries Master the fundamentals of Transact-SQL-and develop your own code for querying and modifying data in Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

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Learn with the author Itzik Ben-Gan: whenever you want, wherever you want; at your own pace.

Many SQL intro/fundamentals classes only teach you about the language elements and how to use them. However, not focusing on their mathematical roots or why the language elements were designed the way they were designed. This course teaches you both.


Led by a SQL Server expert and a SolidQ’ inhouse author, you’ll learn the concepts behind T-SQL querying and programming, and then apply your knowledge with exercises in each chapter. Once you understand the logic behind T-SQL, you’ll quickly learn how to write effective code-whether you’re a programmer or database administrator.

Discover how to:

• Work with programming practices unique to T-SQL
• Create database tables and define data integrity
• Query multiple tables using joins and subqueries
• Simplify code and improve maintainability with table expressions
• Implement insert, update, delete, and merge data modification strategies
• Tackle advanced techniques such as window functions, pivoting and grouping sets
• Control data consistency using isolation levels, and mitigate deadlocks and blocking
• Take T-SQL to the next level with programmable objects