SolidQ Flex Services: The Database Analysis and Management Service that will save you time and money

Who has time to worry about repetitive, stressful database maintenance matters?

Our customers were facing these problems before they contacted us:

A lack of overview in their systems

Complex dependencies


Data growing too fast and facing a declining performance


Their instances are not properly secured


IT Globalization


They have a small team, limited resources and/or knowledge

Improve the performance and stability of your SQL Server System with SolidQ Flex Services

This service designed for SQL Server systems consists of three major areas:

  • Operations and maintenance monitoring
  • Monitoring reports and recommendations
  • Change Management (Knowledge Transfer / Consulting)

SolidQ Flex Services is a systematic process of operating, maintaining and monitoring Microsoft SQL Server resources throughout the environment, with the objective of providing a flexible and scalable solution to manage your entire SQL Server environment.

Peter Jones, CIO of an insurance company:

“We had very limited number of individuals responsible for maintaining our SQL Server infrastructure.”

Problems arise when key individuals go on leave, get sick or resign. Receiving support afterregular business hours is often impossible.

Documentation is nonexistent, key knowledge about the workings and daily routines are heavily tied to these individuals.

Individuals with a broad knowledge in IT usually find themselves incapable of identifying and solving more complex problems regarding SQL Server (including regression in performance due to badly written code or identifying potential savings in the existing environment).

Many companies rely on internal resources to maintain and run their IT infrastructure. As a result, they have a mixed blend of tasks asigned to them besides acting as the company’s DBA.


Be able to plan for THE FUTURE

  • Monitored 24/7, every day of the year, and backed by more than 30 MVPs, experts and community influencers working together accross boarders
  • Establish monitoring and maintenance routines according to your SLA
  • Have unique insight into your operational environment
  • Predict what will happen in 3 to 9 months: we prepare you for challenges ahead and provide appropriate solutions. We’ve got you covered!

YES, Let's plan ahead

You will wonder how you could live without it for so long!

The SolidQ Flex Team is always there for you and your system!

Your SQL Server environment will be monitored and assessed 24x7 and will always be under the protection of a highly trained group of specialists from SolidQ. Part of the SolidQ Flex Services is the mentoring role where SolidQ assists in strengthening the internal team knowledge of SQL Server.

What do you have to do to enjoy SolidQ Flex Services?

  1. Contact us through this form.
  2. We will call you as soon as possible to check specification and requirements
  3. You will receive a Welcome Kit with instructions that your team will perform prior to the installation process
  4. Our SolidQ Flex Services team will perform the installation
  5. The monitoring process starts and we will call you and share your Dashboard
  6. You will receive a report for each month of subscription

(*) if you do not wish to continue, all we need to do is uninstall the client machine and remove the VM. That’s all!



Need more convincing?


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our success is due to our new partner for database operations, SolidQ. In addition to guaranteeing that our daily operations perform optimally and without error, SolidQ also acts as a business partner that takes pride in proactively managing all areas of our database operations. SolidQ fits well with our business. It is now more the rule than the exception that new approaches and solutions start with SolidQ recommendations.

“SolidQ Flex Services given us peace of mind and an environment where we can create value for the business. The only  complain t I have is that I did not choose SolidQ Flex Services much earlier.”

Jens Nissum

IT Manager, Kop & Kande

In my experience, there is no better service out there for our DB infrastructure than SolidQ Flex Services. They SolidQ team is always there proactively managing any little change or alert from the systems covered and are happy to go the extra mile in order to solve any unexpected issues. Their 24/7 support, knowledge and resolution capacity are their strong points and we have never had any problems getting the right person for the job even during non-working hours. We have been very happy with SolidQ Flex Services over the past years, still are, and we are sure we will continue to be in the future.

Eduardo puchol

IT SMO Manager, GoldCar

“For the first couple of years at the company, I was always sleeping with my phone next to me in case there was an after-hours incident. With SolidQ, I know I can actually get a good night’s sleep. This interaction is very important. They learn our systems, understand our guidelines, and can act very quickly when we’re not able. The SolidQ team has learned our systems and become part of our team, we also use them to help us solve larger structural level problems and trends.”

Torben Schou

Senior DBA, e-conomic

“Working with SolidQ was a perfect collaboration. We met once a month for three months. The team gave us advice on how to migrate the software, make the necessary changes and then SolidQ performed tests at every visit. Then we simulated the migration, also involving Tiscali, our web farm. The simulation went very well, and so we set the date for the production. Overnight one weekend we migrated and optimized everything.

Luca La Cava

Project Manager, Merida


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