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Would you sit around, waiting for data insight benefits? Your data is your most valuable asset: Let us help you manage it safely and efficiently!

Prepare for SQL Server 2008 end of Support.

Don’t let your infrastructure and applications go unprotected. Modernize your data platform before July 2019 for greater security, performance and innovation.

We can collaborate with your IT team and propose a strategic roadmap to the future, with flexibility around different platforms. Take action now!

Data Platform Modernization UK

Take the Opportunity to Transform

Stay Competitive

Your infrastructure’s limitations should not limit the growth of your business. Change to a cost-effective way to scale your processes.

Optimize Performance, Save Costs

Do not dedicate your resources to maintaining obsolete systems. Focus on innovation and business value from your IT team.

Peace of Mind

Stay compliant and secure. Avoid security breaches and comply with current regulations.

Our Migration Recipe

Acquired from years of experience working on Data Platform Modernization projects.

Stage 1

The Inventory

We create an inventory and identify SQL Server usage patterns while listening to your business needs. We draft a project plan and review it with you.

Stage 2 

The Platform

We evaluate the options, how they can be achieved, and the cost depending on the platform used: Azure, AWS, hybrid… Saving costs while guaranteeing performance is key!

Stage 3 

The Real Stage

This is when we define the whole process and consolidate the infrastructure, using an in-house project manager or letting SolidQ manage the project to fulfill its potentials.

Stage 4

Keep it Alive

We can help you improve, stabilize and properly manage your servers, and put yourself in control 24/7/365. You decide on our level of involvement with your team. Discover SolidQ Flex Services.

In-depth Experience Running SQL Server Transformation Projects

Our experts and data management MVPs around the world are dedicated to developing and optimizing SQL Server processes. We can help facilitate your insights around data with a modern approach to your infrastructure.

We have worked with customers from many different countries and sectors, giving us rich technical experience to help our customers choose the platform that best fits their needs. We are not just a Microsoft Gold Partner: ask us about our AWS experience as well!

We have helped some customers reduce their infrastructure costs (licensing, storage, operational costs…) in their SQL Server Environment during Data Platform Modernization projects:

Bang & Olufsen: Successful Data Platform Modernization Project.

Data Platform Modernization UK

Bang & Olufsen used SolidQ’s comprehensive knowledge within the field of SQL Server environments to be sure to make cost-effective IT investments, to set the right demands to their hosting partner and to be sure that they could meet them.

“Having to find the answers ourselves would be very difficult and time-consuming. So, when Crayon, our advisors within the field of licensing recommended SolidQ to map this for us, we were happy.”

Jørgen Stig Jensen

Technical Business Architect, Bang & Olufsen

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Take the opportunity to transform, reduce costs, and be mindful about your data and its insights.

Be more efficient and stay secure while promoting innovation. Take action now!


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