Maximize the value of your data and make better decisions for your business

Working with CIOs of mid-size to large companies, SolidQ’s experts help businesses capture opportunities and make better business decisions. We work with you to make sure you can ask questions and get answers quickly in a format suited to you.We then align people and resources around common business goals and manage business performance across functional areas.

The Road to Success! What can SolidQ do for you?

Expert Services with End-to-End Offerings


We evaluate your environment to determine applicability of a solution and provide an estimate of cost and timing.



We introduce you to a solution or a consulting service we believe suits your needs. You then evaluate if this is what you require (using frameworks, demos, and other examples).


Offering a limited scope implementation to determine if a solution will meet your requirements.


If you know exaclty what needs to be implemented in your system, then you are ready for a complete installation that results in a fully working solution.


If you would like an interactive engagement conducted on your premises, it could involve any of the mentioned above.

Architect, Integrate & Optimize your use of data with Excellence

Business Analytics

Companies that master business intelligence understand that effective Information Management solutions can generate significant cost savings, but the real value can come in improved decision making. SolidQ brings unparalleled expertise to your team by demonstrating excellence in architecture, design, reporting, and collaboration.

Data Modernization

A comprehensive Data Modernization strategy includes capabilities in profiling, cleansing, and monitoring your data warehouse. To improve data quality SolidQ focuses on clear metadata and data governance strategies by providing ongoing attention and enforcement of procedural standards.

Cloud Solutions

The future of your company resides in Cloud Solutions. Not only does it save costs hosting your platform, reduces your time-to-market and stability, but it also brings you peace of mind and security for you and your team.

You decide how involved you want us to be

SolidQ’s experience ranges from managing integrated Business Intelligence & Anaytics solutions, to consulting on specific database management project phases. Our expertise delivers significant return on investment for clients in financial services, telecommunications, retail, government, health care, education, manufacturing, and utilities. Unearth new revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiency, and manage risk with SolidQ’s Consulting services. Contact us today to learn more.

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