“My team took hours to implement routine tasks in our BA projects until we established SolidQ’s Adaptive Business Analytics Framework (ABAF)” – George M.

“When implementing a recent BA project we realized that 70% of the time was wasted by implementing repetitive non-added-valuable tasks. With SolidQ’s ABAF (the tool and the service) we were able to cut the costs and the invested time dramatically. This way we increased the time-to-market delivery significantly and dropped the ballast over board. This made my team free for the creative tasks we hired them for” – Tamer T.

Automate the repetitive side of your Business Intelligence Projects, save money and time for your Enterprise from TODAY

SolidQ helps its clients by demonstrating from 2002 their expertise in Business Analytics and Data Modernization projects. We have helped international companies become even more successful, by making them more efficient, resourceful, and knowledgeable. In other words, they have experienced a DATA TRANSFORMATION in the process.

We have been working hard to allow our clients to be able to run automated processes, detect and solve database and query bugs faster, externalize their server maintenance, and most important of all, save money and time.

Did you know that ETL Work consumes 60% up to to 80% of all BI & Analytics projects?

ABA Framework tries to solve some of these problems, trying to find patterns that will let you automate processes. It will create a consistent development environment, ensuring easy maintainability, the use of best practices and fast developments.
The best part is that you can have it set up today, allowing you save time and money!

The ABA Framework is based on the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. However, it is more than a set of pre-created packages that can perform some operations. It is a service that will allow us to help you along the process, and it will allow you to use the tool in all of your projects, as long as you keep your subscription of the ABA Framework active.

Adapting to your projects

With the help of the Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML), it is able to adapt to each case generating all the needed SSIS packages dynamically.

ABA Framework is not a black box that will perform some tasks without any supervision. In every part of the process, the use of ABA Framework has an add-on setup with the application of business rules and modifications, adapting the ABA Framework to become unique for each one of your projects, without losing the power of using patterns to automate important tasks.

How can BI project automation can help your team and your business?

SolidQ Adaptive BA Framework is a service that includes a set of tools that allows you to build data warehouse projects from the source to the data warehouse.
In the development stage of analytic systems, developers may find many problems as very heavy load processes; lack of automation or definition of patterns in those processes.

Save money on each Business Intelligence Project

You will have unlimited projects for the payment of one single subscription. Be ready to speed up all of your projects for once and for allí

Focus on what's important for your business

Your team will have more time to focus on what is really important, getting the project done on time and adding the value that the project needs, not wasting it in repetitive processes that can be automated.

Fasten up your projects’ time to market, optimize your team and your business!

The service will allow you to, within minutes; automate repetitive processes that would normally take you hours to implement. The benefits? You will see them from minute one.

Quit monotonous and repetitive processes right away, start with the basic subscription and see how we can help you

Thanks to Adaptive BA Framework, we will find the patterns that will transform your boring, time consuming, repetitive and valueless processes of your team, freeing up those resources so they can focus on higher value tasks to build a profitable business.


Complete documentation

You will be able to walk-through the tool and the service with our online documentation. We have covered every possible situation so you will feel confident managing it yourself

Common Metrics

Find those patterns that relate to all of your vertical projects and apply it. This is very helpful for teams that are involved in similar projects, the set up process will be faster.

Cost reduction

You will have peace of mind knowing you will have fixed yearly costs, your team will not be wasting time on repetitive tasks and you will be backed up with the SolidQ team in case you need help if problems arise.

A time saver

Have you realized the number of wasted hours implementing repetitive and boring processes? Did you get tired of waiting for those tasks to execute? We will make sure you really optimize the implementation time of your team

Quality of your Project

No matter the industry, BA Framework will allow you to identify those existing patterns to start automating the repetitive processes. You will save implementation time, focusing on the tasks that bring home the bacon!

Identify improvements

With the Enterprise and Professional subscriptions, you will have access to the monitoring tool, SolidQ Flex Services, that will monitor your server and identify the hurdles that are affecting your system’s performance. Identify a potential problems before they actually happen


The Adaptive BI Framework is actually one of the factors that convinced us about the SolidQ diversity: it is a working method that has provided great satisfaction and has allowed us to reach tangible results within specific timeframes. I think that proposing prototypes to internal users has made the difference because it has shown, in a practical manner, how daily issues could be resolved in a simple manner.

Alfonso Liucci

Application Delivery, Randstad Italia

The Team that participated to the lessons and has worked on the project, was composed of ten individuals and included both technical people from the IT department and managers. Through the initial training we have always been more autonomous and now we are practically proceeding on our own in widening the project. […] It is a very efficient method that has allowed the definition of the requirements and objectives, by creating the exact solution for what we really required. It has fully satisfied us, since the first week following the course, and the programmers could start with the prototype development in full autonomy: we did not think that we would be able to become autonomously operational within such short timeframes!

Ivan Pasquale

Manager for the Information Systems Department, Bruno Kessler Foundation

The framework has been presented several times during international conferences and obtained sensational feedback. These are a few examples: «Very good combination of concepts and tools together. That’s rare!»,  «I love the idea of creating a management framework based on rules, and naming convention, etc. Terrific!»,  «Felt as if I could go back and put a solution in place immediately.

PASS Conferences 2010l, 2012 and 2013

And how much does Adaptive BA Framework cost?

Well, it really depends. There are 2 ways in which you can subscribe to our service. If you decide to pay for a full year, 2 years or 3 years (with permanency), you will be able to save up to 30% and you will be paying a fixed price from day 1.

However, there is a version of “Pay as you go”, your subscription will get cheaper in time, and you will be able to unsubscribe any time you want. You choose 🙂

  • Prices consider a subscription of 42 months

The longer you stay with us, the cheaper it gets!

  • Prices consider a subscription of 42 months

(*) For calculations

(*) SolidQ Flex Services is a database monitoring service, which allows you to relax and have peace of mind. Addons available.

They decided to change their working habits and now are much more efficient

Contact us 🙂

Contact us for additional information on the above and on all the other services offered to companies, by SolidQ, to support them in their data management and to achieve a competitive information advantage together with their hidden potential. The future is Data Driven, do not get caught unprepared!


FAQ – Most frequent questions

May I unsuscribe at any point during the year?

In pay as you go, you will be able to unsuscribe at the end of the trimester, since inviocing is done per trimester.
In permanency subscriptions, you will be able to unsuscribe when the permanency is over.

May I use the service in all of my projects?

Of course, you will have access to limitless project implementation.

Does it include training on the service?

Yes it does. It has an online training documentation that will allow you to train your team in their own time. The Standard & Enterprise Editions include a 1 full day training.